something strange brewing

A new Typsy Panthre video coming March 9!

Guess who came to dance?

Keith Patterson (Runes av Vaskeri, Kinda Kinky, The Funseekers) warms up for dancing “The Cat” in Typsy Panthre’s new video for The Strange Thing, coming very soon!

Bluebird Blues: a 90 second Musik Video

Check out the first video from our new album Hell

Yes, we’re totally on Spotify

Get over to Spotify and save our songs, please

Portrait of You Giveaway

Typsy Panthre’s John Crozier will draw a digital portrait of the winner! To enter the drawing, find Typsy Panthre on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and share or comment on the “Typsy Panthre Portrait of You” video post.

Order Hell today PWYW

Pay what you want for a download or CD of Typsy Panthre’s latest, the eleven song album called Hell. “The new @typsypanthre CD, Hell, embodies the world of the title & its opposite. The second half is especially captivating, with darkness giving way to beauty, lush sounds, infectious melodies and lyrics both immediate and layered…. Read more »

Thank you everso much!

We want you to have and to hold and to hear our new record Hell.  The best way to support our work is by listening and loving it. Pay what you want to pre-order Hell today! And if you’d like to chip in, choose $11 or more and we’ll thank you in the liner notes. Offer… Read more »

“Hell” Commemorative Banana Bread Loaf

Celebrate Hell the Typsy Panthre way with a loaf of John Crozier’s home baked banana bread! Let $33 transform you into the one lucky devil to have their CD of Typsy Panthre’s 11 song tour de force Hell delivered with a fresh loaf of banana bread. Minneapolis/St Paul delivery only!

Typsy Panthre: Why “Hell”?

The new Typsy Panthre album Hell unleashes 11.11.19, Allison LaBonne discusses the title and cover photo. The title comes from a photo John snapped of a Shell station near Winona where the “S” had fallen down.  I was delighted by the idea that the entrance of hell could be so unceremonious.  I was flooded with… Read more »

our photo giveaway

follow @typsypanthre on instagram, facebook or twitter by 6.19.19 for a chance to win a 10×10″ photo print from our art-a-whirl pop up! If you are already following us, enter the drawing by commenting on one of the photos by 6.19.19. See you on the socials, and we hope you are the winner! See more… Read more »

  • We come out at night

    Alfresco Typsy Panthre practice as the moon reached maximum fullness.

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