Purchase a 10″x10″ print on archival paper of one of our original photos, and you will be among the first to receive a download of Typsy Panthre’s new full length album of adventurous pop music entitled Hell, out  9.9.19 on Korda Records.  Beautify your space and help us with home stretch expenses for our new release!

$25  photo print 10″x10″ (add a 10″x10″ glass clip frame for +$12)

All photos include a download of Typsy Panthre’s new album Hell, delivered upon release 9.9.19!

Frost Murmuration (photo 1) 10×10 print

Hell (photo 2) 10×10 print

Frostscape (photo 3) 10×10 print

North Dakota (photo 4) 10×10 print

Cherry Ice (photo 5) 10×10 print

White Woods (photo 6) 10×10 print

Skyway (photo 7) 10×10 print

Reading (photo 8) 10×10 print

Tree Gloss (photo 9) 10×10 print

Paris Faces (photo 10) 10×10 print

Gold Frost (photo 11) 10×10 print

Ocean Black (photo 12) 10×10 print

Branch (photo 13) 10×10 print

Snow Shadows (photo 14) 10×10 print

Glass Clip Wall Frame 10″x10″

Thanks for looking! xo Typsy Panthre

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