Now through 11.10.19, pre-save our new album “Hell” on Spotify, and we’ll enter you in a drawing for a 10″x10″ print of the cover photo “Hell” by John Crozier, or the photo of your choice from this gallery.

Purchase a 10″x10″ print of one of our original photos, and you will be among the first to receive a download of Typsy Panthre’s 11 song tour de force Hell, out 11.11.19 on Korda Records.  Bring a new image into your realm and help fund our music.

$25  photo print 10″x10″ (add a 10″x10″ glass clip frame for +$12)

All photos include a download of Typsy Panthre’s new album Hell, delivered upon release 11.11.19!


Frost Murmuration (photo 1) 10×10 print

Hell (photo 2) 10×10 print

Frostscape (photo 3) 10×10 print

North Dakota (photo 4) 10×10 print

White Woods (photo 5) 10×10 print

Skyway (photo 6) 10×10 print

Tree Gloss (photo 7) 10×10 print

Gold Frost (photo 8) 10×10 print

Ocean Black (photo 9) 10×10 print

Branch (photo 10) 10×10 print

Snow Shadows (photo 11) 10×10 print

Glass Clip Wall Frame 10″x10″

Thanks for looking! xo Typsy Panthre

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